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We strive to be an industry-leading operator within sustainability, and our goal is to have zero harm to personnel, environment and equipment.

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We would like to have you aboard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chief Financial Officer, Birgitte Wendelbo Johansen.

Birgitte W. Johansen

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Analyst coverage

Analysts from the following investment banks cover the Reach Subsea ASA share: Fearnleys Securities, Arctic Securities and SpareBank 1 Markets. For further information about analyst coverage, please contact us.

Corporate Governance

Governance Policy

Reach Subsea ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (Euronext) and is subject to the laws governing Norwegian share ownership, accounts reporting, the stock exchange and stocks and shares. The company adopts the “Norwegian recommendation for ownership and company management” and updates the Corporate Governance Policies annually in the Annual Report. Our updated Corporate Governance policy can be found in our latest Annual Report.

Investor Relations Policy

Reach Subsea ASA follows the recommendation for Publishing IR-information given by the Oslo Stock Exchange. To ensure equal treatment of shareholders, the company aims to ensure that the stock market has correct, clear and timely information regarding the company’s activities and position. Presentation of the quarterly and annual accounts is done in accordance with the financial calendar as shown here and submitted as a stock exchange notice via Oslo Stock Exchange’s In addition, there is a continuous dialogue with, and presentations to, analysts and investors.

Dividend Policy

Reach Subsea ASA has a dividend policy stating that the company aims to distribute a dividend of around 50% of adjusted net profit. Adjusted net profit is defined as reported net profit, adjusted for items the Board regards as transitory.

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Financial calendar

Here you can find a collection of most recent and upcoming financial events for Reach Subsea.

Financial reports

Here you can find a compilation of our reports spanning from 2012 to the present day.

Board of Directors

Rachid Bendriss

Chairperson of the Board

Rachid Bendriss (1969) has been Chairperson of the Board of Reach since 2020 and holds a Master of Management degree from BI – Norwegian Business School. He has more than 25 years of extensive capital markets and transaction experience through employment at firms like Morgan Stanley, Danske Bank and Carnegie, and as an independent strategic and financial advisor to various companies in the energy sector. North Energy ASA, where Mr. Bendriss is the CEO, owns 50,832,449 shares.

Espen Gjerde

Board Member

Espen Gjerde (1981) has been a board member of Reach since 2022 70 and holds a Master of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Technology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He is a Shipping, Offshore & Renewable Energy investment professional with offshore operational experience. In addition, he has broad experience from the international equity capital, bond debt and bank financing markets. Background from leadership education in the Norwegian Armed Forces, as a maritime management consultant in DNV, experience with shipping/offshore financing from DVB Bank and has been responsible for investments and portfolio management in Ship Finance International Limited (SFL Corp). Experience within maritime and energy sectors from insight gained through work for different shipping, offshore and oil & gas companies. Wilhelmsen New Energy AS, where Mr. Gjerde is Senior Vice President, owns 52,136,636 shares.

Anders Onarheim

Board member

Anders Onarheim (1959) has been a board member of Reach since 2012. He just recently left his post as CEO of BW LPG, the leading global shipping company transporting LPG. Currently he is the Chairman of North Energy ASA, Ocean GeoLoop ASA and Energi Teknikk AS. He holds an MBA from Washington University of St. Louis. He has extensive knowledge of management, business development and capital markets after serving as the chief executive of companies in the Carnegie Group investment bank for 16 years, and preceding positions internationally with Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Mr Onarheim beneficially owns 1,000,000 shares through his fully owned company AB Investment AS. Furthermore, North Energy ASA, where Mr Onarheim is the Chairman of the Board, owns 50,832,449 shares.

Martha Kold Monclair

Board member

Martha Kold Monclair (1962) has been a board member of Reach since 2020 and is the founder and managing partner of MKOLD AS and a nonexecutive director of public listed companies as Hexagon Purus, Edda Wind and BW LPG. Prior to that Ms. Bakkevig served two years as Chief Executive Officer of Steinsvik Group, an equipment and service provider for fish farming industry worldwide and ten years as Chief Executive Officer of DeepWell, an oil service company operating in the North Sea. Ms. Bakkevig has extensive experience in management, strategy and business development, and a broad academic background with a doctor’s degree in both technical and business strategical subjects. She holds a master’s degree and PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a Doctorate in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School. Bakkevig beneficially owns 949,534 shares through her fully owned company Kold Invest AS.

Kristine Skeie

Board member

Kristine Skeie (1974) has been a board member of Reach since 2018 and is Managing Director of HK Shipping Group AS which is a Shipping company trading in the shortsea bulk segment. Skeie is also a board member in Eidesvik Offshore ASA. She is a College graduate in Business administration from the Norwegian Business School and has attended a Maritime Executive Program directed by Norwegian Shipowners Association. Mrs. Skeie beneficially owns 505,588 shares through her fully owned company Vest-Norsk Handelskompani AS.

Ingunn Ø Iveland

Board member

Ingunn Øvereng Iveland (1971) has been a board member of Reach since 2019 and holds a Master of Science degree from NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology in physics and mathematics and a Master of Management degree from BI- Norwegian Business School. She has broad experience from positions in the subsea service and aquaculture industry. She is currently holding the position as strategic purchase director in Knutsen OAS Shipping AS. Mrs. Iveland owns 30,000 shares privately, and 30,588 through her fully owned Company I Øvereng AS

Arvid Pettersen

Board member

Arvid Pettersen (1957) has been a board member of Reach since 2022 and has a background as naval officer and vessel master. He has more than 35 years of experience from the offshore and subsea business and has 15 years of experience from serving as Chief Executive Officer of subsea companies in Brazil and Norway. He is currently acting as a CCO in Whatif EV. Mr. Pettersen does not own shares in Reach Subsea ASA.

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General meetings

A comprehensive list of the company’s annual general meetings, dating back to 2012, can be found here.

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The 20 largest shareholders’ list provided by Oslo Market Solutions with data from Euronext Securities

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