Reach Remote

Reach Remote

A major milestone for uncrewed over-the-horizon maritime operations. Introducing Reach Remote: Norway’s pioneering fleet of uncrewed 24-meter surface vessels (USVs), featuring hull-mounted survey sensors and a Work Class Electric ROV.

Scheduled for deployment in 2024 under the Norwegian Flag, these vessels are poised to revolutionize offshore subsea operations, aligning with sustainability initiatives. Reach Remote offers secure, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for global subsea inspection, survey, and intervention services. This ground breaking project integrates Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), paving the way for advancements in remote maritime technologies and marking a significant milestone in global maritime operations.

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Haugesund (NO)

Møllervegen 6
NO-5525 Haugesund, Norway

Google maps +47 400 07 710

Thomas Mennerdahl

Group Technology Director

+46 707 505 410

Bjørg Mathisen Døving

VP Reach Remote

+47 928 80 416

Bård Thuen Høgheim

Chief Commercial Officer

+ 47 413 39 373

Jostein Alendal

Chief Executive Officer

+47 928 80 412


Första Långgatan 22
413 28 Göteborg

Google maps

Thomas Mennerdahl

Group Technology Director

+46 707 505 410

United Kingdom

Reach Subsea UK
7 Kingshill Park, Venture Dr, Westhill
Aberdeenshire AB32 6FL, UK

Google maps +44 (0)1224 418210

Sam Mountain

Business Development Manager