Reach Remote will be able to perform all kinds of traditional survey tasks like seabed mapping, pipline inspection, UXO surveys etc.

Reach Remote will be able to perform all kinds of traditional survey tasks like seabed mapping, pipeline inspection, UXO surveys etc. Moreover, Reach Remote will have number of advantages versus traditional vessels and survey spreads. There will be number of automated functions such as:

  • Mission planning and execution – supervised and monitored by Remote Operation Centers
  • Automatic feature recognition – artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Workflow Manager – onboard processing
  • Data Storage – all data stored onboard as well as transferred onshore (depending on bandwidth available)

Hull mounted survey

USV will be equipped with a number of sensors allowing it to perform hull based surveys:

  • Sub bottom profiler – Kongsberg Maritime TOPAS 120
  • Multibeam echosounder – Kongsberg Maritime EM2040
  • USBL – HIPAP 502
  • Navigation – Seapath 380 and iPS4

ROV based survey

Reach Remote will be capable of performing the same way as traditional ROV based survey. In addition,  automated functions will increase speed and efficiency of the survey tasks. E-ROV can be equipped with full package of survey sensors. Below list of standard survey sensors, that are intended to be used on E-ROV:

  • MBE – Dual R2Sonic 2024 / EM2040 / Norbit i80
  • INS – SprintNav 500 (c/w DVL)
  • SVS – Valeport mini SVS
  • Bathy – Valeport mini IPS
  • CTD – Valeport miniCTD-DR
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sonar – Gemini 720is
  • Cable Tracking – Passive: – MagTrack G2 Active: TSS350/440/660
  • Magnetometer – 3 – axial fluxgate magnetometer/gradiometer systems
  • Sniffers
  • Innovatum Smartrak or similar
  • Altimeter – KM MS1007D
  • Transponder – KM cNode Mini 34-180
  • SSS/SBP – Edgetech 20xx DSS
  • Electric Field – FIGS
  • Video Camera – Imenco SpinnerShark
  • Still Images – CATHX / Voyis Insight Pro
  • Environment – Octio gWatch 4d gravity monitoring

At the same time E-ROV will remain fully flexible and be a robust platform capable of carrying any survey sensor available on the market.