HSEQ is a core value in our day-to-day operations. Our goal is zero harm to personnel, environment and equipment.

Reach Subsea has a strong belief in the systematical implementation of Quality and HSE measures evolving from an early Project Risk Assessment and continuous risk assessment processes.

In the sharp end, available information and each individual’s understanding of risks is critical. We therefore demand adequate and necessary information from both clients, third parties and subcontractors provided to the work force planning or performing a subsea operation involving risks.

A safe delivery of subsea services starts with active involvement of the offshore work force in the planning process. The competence of each individual approved to work for us, represents the technical integrity we need to operate safely. Reach Subsea therefore safeguard our people, and give them all necessary support in their search for the safest and most optimal solutions.

Being able and willing to comply with requirements, comes from a good HSEQ culture. We in Reach Subsea believe that a good HSEQ culture arises from a respectful and positive dialogue in between people. Our leaders shall not only be technically qualified, but also have high interpersonal skills.

HSEQ Standards

Reach Subsea operates in accordance with the following industry HSEQ standards and certificates.

Achilles JQS Supplier ID

Achilles FPAL Supplier ID

Achilles Sellicha Supplier ID

ISO-9001-, 14001- and 45001 certificates

NS-EN ISO 9001:2015
NS-EN ISO 14001:2015
NS-ISO 45001:2018

Reach Subsea Policies

Reach Subsea Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We’re always striving to improve our ethical business practices and personal conduct, to read more, please download our Code of Conduct here:

Risk Management

Risk Management is a key tool for monitoring and controlling the rapid changes which our business is exposed to. On a corporate level, formal risk and opportunity reviews are performed every month, to identify any major changes and the associated risk reducing actions. All projects require a risk/opportunity evaluation of both operational, commercial and HSE, whereas the associated risk reducing actions are monitored by the HSEQ Department.

Employee Involvement & Competence

As well as participating in risk assessments, employees are involved in HSEQ meetings, audits, inspections and the Working Environment Committee meetings. All employees are provided with HSEQ training, adjusted to their respective work tasks and adjacent risk exposure. Managing personnel onshore and offshore are gathered once a year for sharing lessons learned, discuss and agree on strategies for the upcoming year. 

Reach Subsea has invested in an own E-learning system – REACHed. This gives us a brilliant opportunity to provide internal courses specially made for our industry, and also provide training to our suppliers.

IOGPs 9 Life Saving Rules

2020 has been a year with continued focus on adopting and implementing IOGPs 9 life saving rules, this to contribute to a similar focus in the whole industry.

Environmental Management

Reach Subsea continuously work to have a sustainable business strategy. Our target is 0 spill to the environment. We emphasize the use of environmentally friendly solutions, both technically and operationally, choosing modern assets and technology. We also work constantly on reducing the amount of chemicals onboard. 

Suppliers are encouraged to reduce the environmental footprint and are committed to achieve energy efficiency. Reach Subsea encourages the owners of our vessels to install battery packs to reduce fuel emissions and be more energy efficient. Any impact on the environment is reported and followed up to prevent reoccurrence.


Our operations are constantly expanding geographically and because of this we are exposed to changes in the global risk situation.

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