Structural inspection is believed to be one of the Reach Remote's main applications.

Structural inspection is believed to be one of the Reach Remote’s main applications. Any inspection task can be performed either autonomous or remotely controlled.

  • CP (Cathodic Potentials)
    Use either traditional contact probes or non-contact technology.
  • FMD (Flooded Member Detection)
    We are currently involved in development & bringing to market next generation FMD technologies. Primarily based around efficient & non-contact instrumentation without the requirement for radioisotope sources.
  • UT (Ultrasonic Thickness)
  • Data Acquisitions:
    We are evolving inspection from purely visual based assessment to a hybrid model, utilizing technologies such as laser scanning & SLAM imagery to provide millimetric point cloud representation. The aim is to provide the client with meaningful, targeted, comparable, and repeatable information.
  • Visual Acquisition:
    The importance of visual appreciation is never lost on Reach Subsea, to this end we utilize industry leading cameras HD/UHD/4K with optimal resolution and lighting. Bringing the visual clarity of both engineered components along with the beauty of natural fauna & flora benefits a wide variety of client requirements