Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Formerly known as Monviro
Our flexible and advanced technology, combined with knowledge gained over many years of work in oil and gas, makes our solutions applicable in many areas. Proven tools are selected uniquely for each project.

The technology and experience we offer is developed through many years of research and operation of wells and reservoirs within oil and gas. Vast sums in the order of millions of NOK has been invested over many decades. Reach Subsea aims to apply this technology and knowledge within new business areas such as environment, safety, and sustainability.


Bergen (NO)

Kanalvegen 119

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Leon Løvheim

Managing Director - Monitoring Division

+47 905 46 380 leon.lovheim@reachsubsea.com

Jon Even Lindgård

Commercial Director Monitoring

+47 971 82 929 john.lindgard@reachsubsea.com