Reach Subsea AS statement June 2024


Reach Subsea ASA (“Reach Subsea”, “Reach” or “the Group”) is a prominent offshore contractor that offer high quality solutions and technology to clients in need of ocean data and services. With a strong commitment to transparency and accountability, Reach Subsea has taken proactive steps to ensure compliance with the Transparency Act. 

The Transparency Act, also known as the Transparency in Supply Chains Act, is a legislative framework aimed at promoting transparency and combating human trafficking, forced labour, and modern slavery in supply chains. Organizations are required to disclose their efforts in to identifying and addressing these issues within their operations and supply chains. 

Recognizing the significance of these global challenges and the importance of ethical practices, Reach Subsea has adopted the Transparency Act as part of its corporate responsibility strategy. The company firmly believes in the principles of human rights, fair labour practices, and environmental sustainability. 


Reach Subsea has over the past year worked to map the requirements and any deviations within our operations. 

A procedure, ref. REACH-ADM-WP-011 Safeguarding the Transparency Act, has been put in place to ensure that we fully adhere to the regulations. 

The procedure applies to all activities concerning the Company’s actions including; 

  • Promoting the Company’s respect for fundamental human rights 
  • Ensuring decent working conditions in connection with the delivery of the Company’s services 
  • Ensuring public access to information accordingly 

The procedure of Safeguarding the Transparency Act is owned by our VP Group HSEQ, checked by VP Group HR and CFO, and finally approved by CEO. 

The procedure outlines the key duties to comply with the Transparency Act.

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