Reflecting the impacts our operations have on economic, environmental and social factors.

Sustainability within REACH

We strive to be an industry-leading operator within sustainability and our goal is to have zero harm to personnel, environment and equipment.

To get a complete overview of our Sustainability goals please download our Sustainability Reports here:

94.6 FTE employees

Of which 10 % are women

Major environmental release

Zero major environmental release occurred in 2021

CO2 reduced

11,1% CO2 reduced in 2021, based on CO2 released per vessel day sold

Our UN Sustainability Goals

Promote use of local suppliers and employees where possible with focus on sustainability in supply chain

Transparent reporting to the government in all locations we operate

Provide our employees with decent salary to ensure means to secure food security.

Health and safety measures for all personnel involved in our operations

HSEQ campaigns with focus on health and well-being

Online training portal with courses for employees

Local training programmes in Norway and Trinidad & Tobago

Contributions to engineering studies

Equal opportunities for all

Board of Directors consists of 40 % women

Group Management consist of 25 % women

Focus on water reduction measurements both at the office and on vessels

Focus on future transition to renewable segments

Reducing emissions by hiring vessels with lower emissions.

Installment of battery packs.

Provide quality in everything we do

Focus on health and safety measures

Trainee programs in several locations

Good working conditions

Contributions to engineering studies.

Sustainability is a key factor in innovation.

Encourage innovation by hiring in emission friendly vessels.

Equal opportunities for all personnel

Promote use of local suppliers and employees where possible with focus on sustainability in supply chain

Sustainability in the supply chain

Future transition to renewable segments

Focus on CO2 emissions by hired in vessels

Focus on degradable hydraulic oils in ROV systems

Adjust chemicals use to be environment friendly

Future transition to renewable segments

Focus on CO2 emissions by hired in vessels

Focus on degradable hydraulic oils in ROV systems

Adjusting list of approved chemicals

0 major spills in 2019

Focus on degradable hydraulic oils in ROV systems

Focus on degradable options for subsea equipment

Marine mammal preservation programmes

Sustainability in supply chain

No print culture to reduce use of paper

Waste management

CSR Policy

Anti bribery Policy

Contribute to making an industry standard for reporting

Reach Subsea operates in accordance with the following industry HSEQ standards:

Achilles JQS Supplier ID: 29193
Achilles FPAL Supplier ID: 10054069
Achilles Sellicha Supplier ID: 116519
ISO-45001, 9001 and 18001 certificates


We believe our employees are the cornerstone of our business. We are committed to performing safe operations, with the health and safety of our people as our utmost priority. Reach Subsea has implemented a Quality Management System, including a set of rules and procedures to secure the safety of the people who work for us.

We operate within industry HSEQ standards and are certified according to ISO 9001:2015*. The Work Environmental Manual describes the Work Environmental Management System within the framework of our Quality Management System. Everyone involved in our operations is responsible for carrying out their work in accordance with the Manual in a manner that will not harm health or safety. The CEO is responsible for ensuring implementation of the overall HSE policy.


The world is facing a global energy revolution. Achieving the ambitions in the Paris Agreement requires a 45 % reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within 2030. At the same time, the world population and demand for energy is growing each year. Reducing emissions and maintaining growing and reliable energy production levels is a global challenge and will require transition to renewable energy sources.

We already see signs of the green shift with increased demand for sustainable and environmental-friendly solutions in the market. In order to maintain our position as an attractive business partner, we need to meet stakeholder’s expectations when it comes to our environmental impacts.

The Board of Directors and Group Management frequently discuss climate-related issues, such as risks and opportunities that may arise from climate change and our strategic response to these. Risks and opportunities are identified by assessing changes in regulations, technological advances as well as trends in market and customer demands.

Reducing our emissions

Our goal is to have zero impact to the environment. As with all companies within the offshore industry, CO2 emissions from fuel oil consumption is our most significant environmental impact.

Responsible business

We believe that sustainability and long-term profitability go hand in hand. By continuing to focus on sustainable solutions we minimize risk, increase transparency and facilitate more efficient use of our resources – increasing our value and competitiveness.

In turn, profitability and financial strength helps to secure Reach Subsea as a reliable employer, providing workers with a secure and meaningful place to work.

We aim to be an attractive and professional subsea operator by maintaining high ethical standards, defined by our Code of Conduct. We promote transparency by following international legislations and requirements and contribute to anti-corruption and fraud-prevention by implementation of routines for selecting suppliers.

Key targets 2020

These were our Key targets in 2020. Our sustainability report for 2020 will be available in March.


Increase activity within renewables to 25% of revenue.

Reduce fuel emissions of CO2 per available vessel day.

Zero major spills of hazardous materials to the sea.


Maintain sick leave at low level (less than 2,5 %).

Implement internal safety delegate training course.

Zero work related injuries.

Implement e-learning course on Code of Conduct for all employees.

Increase percentage of female employees in offshore employment categories.

Responsible business

Perform 10 supplier audits.

Implement mandatory anti-bribery training for all employees.

Maintain technical uptime above 95 %.

Developing our employees

The competence and capabilities within our workforce are key in ensuring our future sustainability. We work constantly to secure Reach Subsea as an attractive workplace to be able to attract and retain the right people.

Would like to talk to us about sustainability?

We would like to have you aboard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact HSEQ Manager, Elise Mørk Røed.

Elise Mørk Røed


HSEQ Manager

+47 406 44 307



HSEQ Engineer


HSEQ Manager at A. Olufsen Ship & Offshore, HSEQ Engineer and HR Manager at Calmero, Safety Officer at Securitas.