C02 Storage

Our technology helps reduce climate changes. We monitor safe injection and storage of CO2.

About C02 Storage

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is an important emissions reduction technology and a vital part of achieving the global goal of reducing the climate changes caused by CO2 emissions.

The concept includes capturing CO2, transporting, by ships and injecting and permanently storage below the seabed.

Reach Subsea’s portfolio of cost-effective monitoring tools, including 4D gravity, Microseismic, and seafloor deformation monitoring, will be essential in improving the transparency of the Storage of CO2 to secure the “License to Operate” from the public. The technology is an integral part of achieving the global goal of reducing the climate changes// CO2 emissions to mitigate or reverse global warming.

Reach Subsea’s core monitoring technology, 4D gravity, has demonstrated success and has been utilized on the two CO2 sequestration projects in Norway; Sleipner and Snøhvit.

Reach Subsea has been, and still is, a partner in several research projects together with Norwegian and International Universities and Research Institutes to develop different tools and methods for safe and cost-effective monitoring of the subsurface, the seabed and the water column above a CO2 storage site.