Earthquake monitoring and prediction

We develop tools to monitor seismically induced flow to better understand the processes leading up to megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis.

About surveillance over tectonically active areas

Reach Subsea’s predecessor’s long experience of using 4D gravity and seafloor deformation data to measure pressure and mass changes in oil & gas reservoirs make it possible to adapt this technology to services for surveillance over tectonically active areas.

Consequently Reach Subsea, in cooperation with JAMSTEC, Japan, and the University of Bergen, Norway, develops instrumentation rated to 5000 m water depths that may contribute to a better understanding of processes leading up to earthquakes and tsunamis.

The first baseline survey outside Japan will be completed in early 2022.

In the Asumo project (2018-2022), we adapt our technologies for high accuracy vertical seafloor deformation (VSD) and time-lapse gravity measurements at the seabed, to surveillance over tectonically active areas, as the subduction zone along the coast of Japan.