We are an advanced provider in the subsea market, regarded by stakeholders as a flexible, competent and high quality performer with world class in-house engineering. Reach Subsea delivers advanced solutions to technologically demanding customers in need for engineering and equipment/spreads related to subsea operation. Competent personnel coupled with specialised equipment, enables Reach Subsea to bundle its subsea services to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

Subsea Services

Reach Subsea is a leading provider of subsea services. We bring extensive expertise, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technology to every project.

Reach Remote

The Reach Remote project has the impressive ambition of providing a full portfolio of subsea services from a low-emission, cost-effective remote and autonomous fleet.

Survey & Positioning

To minimise the environmental impact of offshore operations, our objective is to deliver safe, effective and reliable high-quality survey services.

Seabed Surveys

Reach Subsea delivers geophysical, geotechnical and environmental survey solutions for site survey, pipeline/cable route survey, ROV, seabed mapping and pipeline inspection.

Offshore Cable

Reach Subsea provides support services for the full life cycle of offshore power, communication and umbilical cables, as well as supporting Operation and Maintenance (O&M) / Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) services.

Marine Construction

Reach Subsea provides accurate and precise surface and subsea positioning solutions to support both simple and advanced marine construction projects.

Rig & Mooring

Offering specialist survey and positioning services to support international marine construction projects, offshore cable operations, rig and mooring operations and seabed surveys.

Geophysical Monitoring

Reach Subsea provides flexible and smart geophysical monitoring solutions for hydrocarbon producing fields offshore.

gWatch: 4D gravity

Oil and gas production leads to changes in the mass distribution in the subsurface. Hydrocarbon extraction, water flowing in from surrounding aquifers and injection of gas and water alter the mass of fluid present in the rock pores.

Seafloor subsidence monitoring

Production of hydrocarbons from offshore reservoirs often leads to subsidence of the seafloor. The measurement of how this subsidence distributes laterally is a powerful geophysical tool for understanding the dynamics of the reservoir.

DepthWatch for seismic nodes

Measuring relative depths is a complex physical problem. Lateral, vertical and temporal variations in water properties limit the accuracy of methods based on pressure or travel time of sound waves. Sensor drifts and sensitivity to external conditions introduce further operational challenges. As a result, the vertical position of seismic nodes is typically reported by OBN contractors with accuracies in the order of a few meters.

Wellwatch: Injection integrity monitoring

Real-time seismic monitoring is used to improve decision-making and safety during well drilling and injection operations. For those applications, a short reaction time is required. Reach Subsea's integrated solution to process seismic data and provide the required interpretation capability in real-time.

Drillwatch: Well drilling, under controll

Drilling wells offshore is a costly and complex operation. Conventional methods for tracking the drill bit during drilling suffer from uncertainties that increase with the length of the well. Imperfections in subsurface models further complicate navigation of the drill bit relative to the target rock formations and hazardous areas.

Real-time seismic monitoring

Real-time seismic monitoring is used to improve decision-making and safety during well drilling and injection operations. For those applications, a short reaction time is required.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide flexible multi-physical monitoring services, optimally tailored to every specific project. Our services cover all the steps required to convert physical data into value for our clients.