Asset integrity/pipeline inspection

We have inspected some of the world's largest and most complex export pipelines, constructions, and interfield networks.

Reach Subsea has, together with MMT Sweden AB, inspected some of the largest and most complex export pipelines, constructions and interfield networks in the world, from nearby in the North Sea, Norwegian Shelf and Baltic Sea, to farther afield in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

A thorough and clearly-delivered accounting of asset integrity is always the primary focus of pipeline and construction inspection campaigns carried out by Reach Subsea/MMT Sweden AB. External damage, third party threats, cathodic protection, and lay comfort are all assessed in the detailed, diligent manner that clients expect across its service areas.

A diverse and developing spread of equipment is mobilized to effectively and efficiently capture accurate, high-resolution inspection data according to client requirements, including multibeam echosounders, pipetracker, CP probes or field gradient sensors, green line and dimensioning lasers, HD video and/or still imagery cameras and sidescan sonar, among others.

The processing, reporting and delivery of pipeline and construction inspection datasets meet and exceed many of the highest standards in the industry, and are customizable to client asset management needs.

We also bring new technologies to the area, as our photogrammetry specialists leverage still imagery inspection data to extract precise measurements and high-resolution 3D models of critical debris, hazards, and engineering features.