Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Our onshore and offshore personnel have substantial experience within IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair)and are trained in solving complex projects.

Reach Subsea is an established IMR player in several markets around the world and has executed successful projects in the North Sea, Mediterranean and the Caribbean for the Renewables and Oil &Gas industry.

The Reach Subsea fleet consists of a modern fleet of vessels and ROVs specially set up to perform IMR work. A dedicated project team of skilled engineers is continuously working with operational planning and engineering of IMR operations.

IMR services provided

  • Structural Inspections
  • WROV Operation
  • SCM changeout
  • Scale Squeeze Operations
  • Water injection
  • Ready For Operation
  • Maintenance of subsea equipment
  • Repair
  • Commissioning
  • Boulder clearance

Reach Subsea holds several frame agreements in the Renewables and Oil &Gas industry for IMR services, our primary focus area. Reach Subsea is also working on innovative solutions that will deliver IMR services with a lower carbon footprint and a lower cost base.