Reach Subsea invests in local suppliers

On the 20 March Reach Subsea announced that it has ordered two new work-class ROVs of the ‘Constructor’ type from Kystdesign AS, with delivery scheduled for May 2024. The ‘Constructor’ is a powerful ROV designed to carry and operate large tools and modules and has a depth rating of 3000 meters. After delivery, the ROVs will be mobilized on the Reach Subsea fleet, expanding the company’s capacity for underwater services in the 2024 season.

The two new Constructor ROVs enhance the fleet’s flexibility and strengthen our ability to effectively perform a diverse range of underwater tasks. Their advanced technology and robust design perfectly align with our commitment to delivering high-quality services and meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers across various industries,

Jostein Alendal, CEO Reach Subsea,
Ref. stock exchange announcement on March 20, 2024

In total, 12 ROVs have been produced by Kystdesign for Reach Subsea over the years. This includes the two new Constructor ROVs as well as two brand new ROVs of the Zeerov type, which are being delivered to Reach Subsea this spring. The latter is a completely new all-electric design to be mobilized onboard the two USVs Reach Remote, which are currently under production and scheduled for operation in the 2024 season.

Reach Subsea’s Vice President Assets, Knut Jacob Medhaug, has been with Reach Subsea for 11 years. Accommodating new ROVs as well as maintaining the existing ROV fleet are his domain. He has 8 years of experience operating ROVs in the field.

We have had a long-standing collaboration with Kystdesign and have several ROVs produced by them in our portfolio. They deliver quality, and it is very convenient to have key suppliers like this locally. With Kystdesign as a supplier, we have the opportunity to participate in the development process, which in turn allows us to optimize the equipment to succeed in our global offshore operations

Knut Jacob Medhaug, VP Assets

Bjarte Christiansen has worked in ROV operations for 27 years, the last 6 years as Offshore Manager in the field for Reach. Currently, he is stationed onshore as Technical Manager in the new facilities at Husøy. Here, efforts are underway to build up a center for technical support and maintenance. There are workshop facilities, warehouses, and office facilities including quay facilities. Bjarte is pleased with the investment in more ROVs.

Always nice with new equipment, and this is a product that is well known to our offshore personnel. Those who operate the vehicles offshore have quite a significant influence on the equipment chosen in Reach, which is highly appreciated.

Bjarte Christiansen, Technical Manager

The long-standing collaboration between the companies is also confirmed by Åge Holsbrekken. With his extensive experience in Kystdesign, he has good knowledge of all deliveries to Reach over the years and is pleased that new ROVs are being ordered.

Of course, it is always a pleasure with new orders. It is especially nice to deliver to good local customers over many years. We have always had close dialogue also regarding product development and improvements of the ROVs, which is essential for both parties. This leads to continuous improvements and innovations, such as the Zeerov.

Åge Holsbrekken, Kystdesign AS