Constructor WROV

Heavy duty ROV

Reach Subsea owns and operates 1 Kystdesign Constructor WROV system. The Constructor is a heavy duty ROV designed for carrying and operating large tools and modules. It shares all of the design elements that have made the Supporter WROV a success, and have increased power and payload capabilities.

Power (Kw/Hp)
Depth rating (msg)
Dimensions L/W/H (m)
Weight (kg)
Payload (Kg)

Key benefits

High quality positioning in high speed surveys

Competes with AUV and ROTV in quality and efficiency. High vehicle speed. USBL, Inertial Navigation assisted by Doppler.

Real Time QC and data acquisition

Fiber optical interfaces.

Two inspection modes

Combines ”High Fly” high speed acoustic pipeline survey with full three camera ”Low Fly” inspection in known problem areas.

High Stability and Low Noise

“Free view” for all acoustic sensors with low pump and thruster noise.

High Camera and Sensor Capacity

Improved lightening (video quality). No batteries, “unlimited” power. Prepared for future sensors.

Would you like to discuss this ROV?

We would like to have you aboard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CEO, Jostein Alendal.

Jostein Alendal


Chief Executive Officer

+47 928 80 412



Automation Engineer


Technical Manager and co-founder of DeepOcean with group responsibility of all ROV operations. Stolt Comex Seaway AS, Seateam AS and DSND.