• Pure sensor carrier

Surveyor Interceptor

Pure sensor carrier
–Increased speed
–Stable and accurate

– Two inspection modes
– Optional manipulator skid

Easy integration
– Freeswimming mode or with TMS in existing handling system
– Delivered with special umbilical and handling system

Advantages with Surveyor:

High quality positioning in high speed surveys
– Competes with AUV and ROTV in quality and efficiency
– High vehicle speed
– USBL, Inertial Navigation assisted by Doppler

Real Time QC and data acquisition
– Fiber optical interfaces

Two inspection modes
– Combines ”High Fly” high speed acoustic pipeline survey with full three camera ”Low Fly” inspection in known problem areas

High Stability and Low Noise
– “Free view” for all acoustic sensors with low pump and thruster noise

High Camera and Sensor Capacity
– Improved lightening (video quality)
– No batteries, “unlimited” power
– Prepared for future sensors

Standard ROV LARS for safe Launch and Recovery
– Wide operational window
– Easily interfaced with existing survey vessels / spreads
– Freeswimming or with TMS