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Reach Subsea is your provider of IMR, ROV, Survey, Construction Support and Decommissioning Services.

The Group’s business concept is to offer subsea services as subcontractor and/or directly to end clients, based out of our head office in Haugesund. The core business of the Group is based on modern, high spec Work ROVs operated by highly qualified offshore personnel, and supported by our competent onshore engineering resources.

The Group’s objective is to be a preferred subsea partner and full-service provider of subsea operations for clients, among others by having focus on safety, environment, financial solidity and profitability. Moderate risk contracts are targeted, thus securing revenue and strong liquidity in parallel with increasing the fleet, asset base and staff size.

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Our vision is to be the preferred operator by those who need the best possible subsea partner, one that will always perform above expectations.

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Health, Security, Environment and Quality Assuranse (HSEQ) are among the cornerstones in Reach Subsea and basis for our sustainability reporting. We believe that a high focus on sustainable business in good for prosperity, people and our planet.

Material topics for sustainability


• The safety and well-being of our people
• Development of skills and competences
• Equal opportunities


• Transition to renewable energy segments
• Preparing for climate change
• Reducing our emissions
• Reducing our impact on the sea

Responsible business

• Profitability and financial solidity
• Quality services
• Anti-corruption and business ethics
• Sustainability in the supply chain

A core value in our day-to-day operations

Reach Subsea has a strong belief in the systematical implementation of Quality Assurance and HSE measures evolving from an early Project Risk Assessment and continuous risk assessment processes.

Revenue Sectors

Reach Subsea has world wide operations within Oil & Gas and the Renewables sector as well as other subsea projects. In our financial reports we present the diversifications, statistics and some projects performed the last quarter/year. We also present monthly operating figures via Newsweb.

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• Oil & Gas

• Renewable & Other

2020 (YTD)

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