Equinor extending multi-year frame agreement using gWatch

Reach Subsea, offering high-quality solutions and technology to clients in need of ocean data and services, is pleased to announce the extension of its exclusive frame agreement with Equinor for delivering gWatch services. Reach Subsea’s gWatch technology is an advanced 4D gravimetry-based survey method that deliver accurate data quality while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Trond Arne Espedal, Manager Engineering, Monitoring Division Reach Subsea AS.

About gWatch: 

  • An advanced 4D gravimetry-based survey method 
  • Delivering accurate data quality while minimizing environmental impact 
  • Comprises of advanced compact instrumentation 
  • Provides measurements of gravimetry variations 
  • Offering valuable insight into subsea bed strata and reservoir characteristics 

Reach Subsea conducted a 4D gravity and seafloor deformation survey campaign encompassing several gas fields under Equinor’s operation earlier this summer. These fields, located in the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea, significantly contributing to Norways gas production. By conducting the monitoring surveys, Reach Subsea gathered data to improve Equinor’s understanding of these fields, optimizing production strategies and maximizing resource extraction. The campaign has been successfully completed and provides Equinor with valuable insight into the reservoirs supporting future reservoir management decisions for the fields. 

Considering the successful completion of our recent monitoring campaign, Equinor’s choice to extend the frame agreement underscores the valued and mutually beneficial collaboration between Reach Subsea and Equinor.

We are delighted to receive this renewed trust from Equinor. This contract extension not only reaffirms our capabilities but also signifies the confidence Equinor has in Reach Subsea’s ability to deliver unique services. We look forward to further contributing to the success of Equinor’s projects and creating lasting value.

Leon Løvheim, Director Monitoring Division, Reach Subsea AS

The extended frame agreement positions Reach Subsea as a strategic partner in monitoring the majority of the gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. Given that gas from Norway contributes to approximately 40% of Europe’s daily gas consumption, this collaboration holds significant importance for both parties and the energy landscape. 

The compact and cost-efficient equipment comprising the gWatch technology also holds the potential for using similar technologies with Reach Remote, Reach Subsea’s upcoming USV’s.  

As the industry continues to evolve, Reach Subsea remains at the forefront of technological development. As Reach Subsea continues to push the boundaries of underwater services, their dedication to innovation positions them as a key player in the industry.