Environmental Initiatives

Reduced carbon footprint

Reach Subsea is focused on other the entire environmental impact and has implemented the following:

  • Replaced to biodegradable oil on WROV’s and LARS to reduce effect of minor spills.
  • Highly efficient oil filtration units on vessels enables recycling of hydraulic oils which greatly reduces waste and transportation.
  • Chemical shortlist reduced from 150 to < 40, and many chemicals have been replaced with more friendly to both personnel and to the environment through waste and other exposure.

Vessel Topaz Tiamat

During February 2020 Topaz Tiamat, our pool vessel jointly operated together with our cooperation partner MMT Sweden AB, has been upgraded to a hybrid power with the installation of a 500 kWh battery pack. The already very fuel-efficient vessel will benefit from this upgrade with an expected fuel reduction of 11% and approx. 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. In addition, the upgrade will also enable the vessel to utilise shoreside electrical power during port calls and mobilizations, vastly reducing local air pollution. This initiative is in line with Reach Subsea ambitions to embrace environmentally friendly solutions and continuous focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

Reach Subsea and MMT Sweden AB has in 2019 also achived large fuel savings, and subsequently reduced C02 emissions, through use of more effective operations. The Topaz Tiamat demonstrated a fuel saving of 29% on the 2019 campaign for Equinor, and the Surveyor Interceptor has achieved more than 3 times more effective survey operations with approx. 50% reduction of fuel and C02 emissions.