Geophysical services

Bergen-based geophysical monitoring provider Octio AS became a part of Reach Subsea group in December 2021.

Established in 2006, OCTIO’s services cover all phases required to convert geophysical data into value. OCTIO performs the geophysical studies that lead to overall monitoring strategies; plans and executes operations and provides support to integrate data in interpretation workflows. The company’s main technological propositions are real-time passive seismic monitoring and survey-based 4D gravity and seafloor subsidence monitoring that offers an alternative to seismic at 10 percent of the cost and with no impact on marine life. OCTIO’s monitoring technologies are typically deployed and recovered using ROVs.

Together with Octio AS, Reach Subsea AS can provide a full range of geophysical monitoring services:

  • Real-time seismic monitoring
  • Gravitude survey-based 4D gravity
  • Seafloor subsidence monitoring
  • Gravitude DepthWatch for seismic nodes
  • Wellwatch: Injection integrity monitoring
  • Drillwatch: Well drilling, under controll

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