• DP2 Survey and Light Construction Subsea Vessel

Olympic Delta

Olympic Delta is a DP2 Survey and Light Construction subsea vessel from shipping company Olympic Shipping AS. The vessel was built in year 2015 and holds a high standard both in onboard equipment and accommodation / office facilities.

The vessel is equipped with a 80t AHC crane and a large deck area of 900 m2 available for use making it a flexible vessel that can accommodate large volumes of equipment on deck. In addition, it carries 2 x modern WROV systems of type Schilling HD WROV 150 enclosed in ROV hangar and a 6,0 x 6,0 m moonpool.

The vessel can accommodate up to 80 persons in 24 x single and 28 x double cabins. The accommodation also contains 2 x dayrooms, a gymnasium and conference room/lounge/sky-lobby.