• HD WROV - Copyright TechnipFMC


The HD™ WROV is a 150hp, compact remotely operated vehicle that is designed for accommodating the specific needs of the IMR and drill support markets. The HD™ system is optimized for installation onboard drilling rigs and ROV support vessels, where available deck space is limited.

It features an unique power management system and advanced automatic piloting modes that deliver superior operational stability and precise control. Based on integrated sub-systems, the HD reduces complexity, increases efficiency, and lowers the cost of owning and operating an ROV.

It includes dedicated interfaces for integrating intervention or survey tooling. Ergonomic design provides users with spacious access to the system for maintenance and onboard capacity for installing additional intervention tools and work packages within the vehicle’s footprint. Combined with Schilling’s electric standard model TMS system, the WROV is capable of excursions up to 425-meters. One of the two WROV systems onboard Havila Subsea have a 850 m TMS system installed. This compact system is configured for ease of road transportation and rapid mobilization, while providing the flexibility to perform a wide variety of deepwater operations.